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Intermodal Trucking

If you are looking to partner with a team that offers affordable, on-time, and fully compliant intermodal trucking services, we invite you to contact D And D Logistics LLC. When you are shipping your cargo via rail, ocean, or air, our certified truck drivers handle the first or last miles of the journey.

There is no trucking company better than ours when it comes to intermodal shipping. Partner with us and you will see benefits in the short and long-term—and that’s a promise. Call (320) 584-8216 now to enlist our services.

Making Intermodal Shipping Easy

Intermodal transportation refers to the transfer of large-sized goods via two or more modes of transport. These modes of transportation may be:

  • Land (trucks and trailers)
  • Rail (trains)
  • Sea (shipping containers)
  • Air (cargo planes)

When it comes to intermodal shipping operations, regulators have standardized almost every aspect of the shipping process. Businesses and shipping companies pack their valuable cargo in standard-sized shipping containers, making the switch from train to cargo ship all the easier to manage. There is no needless packing or unpacking—just the swift transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another.

Industry leaders look to us when they want the intermodal transfer to go as smoothly as can be. Our licensed truck drivers are the ones who deliver the freight from the railway to the shipyard or wherever necessary.

On-Time Pickup and Delivery

Intermodal shipping operations run on a tight schedule. If there is a delay between the arrival of a shipping container via train and its delivery to the next point of departure, no one is going to be happy. When the people in our world want to make sure that their freight arrives at the railway station or final destination on time, they turn to us. Our licensed drivers and unparalleled logistics services ensure that we never fall behind schedule.

Would you like to learn more about our intermodal trucking company? Would you like to know the maximum or minimum distances we are willing to go? Contact us today.

Handling Shipments with Care

Cargo of all varieties passes through the hands of our truck drivers. From housewares sold in stores to bulk ingredients and heavy-duty machinery, our powerful intermodal trucks handle it all—and we handle the cargo with care, too.

Do you have a shipment that needs to remain at a certain temperature? Ask us about our frozen freight shipping options. We adhere to the standards set forth by the FDA and all other cold supply chain temperature guidelines. Look to us when you want on-time delivery that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to safety and compliance. You’ll be more than impressed with our services.

Book Our Trucking Services Now

When we excel in our duties as intermodal shipping experts, everybody benefits. We keep the senders, recipients, and every professional in the supply chain from having to worry about the intermodal trucking services. Call (320) 584-8216 now to inquire about rates, insurance options, and more.

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