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Freight Transportation

No matter your business, it’s important that your stock ships on time. Whether you sell products or provide a specific service, you’ll need to deal with large shipments one way or another. D And D Logistics LLC is proud to provide fast and accurate shipping to suit various needs.

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Fully Equipped Freight Transportation

D And D Logistics LLC is fully equipped to deal with a variety of shipments. Whether you need to ship dry packaged goods or heavy equipment, we have the equipment to ensure your stock arrives fast and in perfect condition. If you handle perishable goods or require your inventory to be refrigerated, we can handle that, too. We can ship dairy, pharmaceuticals, or even plants and flowers. Get in touch to learn more about our shipping options.

Freight Transportation To Match Your Needs

We have a variety of shipping options and are happy to provide you with whichever fits your needs and schedule, including:

Road Transportation

Road transportation is a popular choice due to its convenience and flexibility. Whether you’re looking to ship locally or across the border, it’s a popular choice. We highly recommend freight trucking for:

  • Expedited shipments
  • Smaller shipments
  • Multiple shipments in a day

The versatility of our freight trucking is perfect for door-to-door shipping and deliveries at points of convenience. It’s also highly cost-effective since you can ship half loads and deal with smaller deliveries. If you’re looking for a shipping method that provides flexible arrival and departure times, freight trucking might be the best choice.

Rail Shipping

Rail shipping is an affordable way to deliver shipments across long distances. By taking advantage of the extensive local railway systems, we can deliver goods across long distances through any weather. Trains have no issue shipping over long distances through snow or heavy rain, making them one of the most dependable ground shipping methods. Better yet, trains are better for the environment than other shipping means.

Freight Transportation That’s Always On Time

Our logistics experts will always ensure that your shipment arrives on time. We make sure to track and monitor each of our deliveries, and should something unexpected arise, we can reroute your delivery. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for timely deliveries throughout the local area, and we intend to maintain that reputation with each delivery that we make. When you ship with D And D Logistics LLC, you’re guaranteed quality service every single time.

D And D Logistics LLC: Dependable and Fast Freight Shipping

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We provide dependable, quality service, whether transporting by truck, rail, or air. When D And D Logistics LLC handles your shipment, you can rest assured that your delivery will reach its destination safely and securely. Call (320) 584-8216 today and speak with our customer service staff. We’re committed to customer service and can discuss the best shipping option to fit your business. We’re always happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have. When you choose D And D Logistics LLC, your shipment is always in good hands.

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