Freight Forwarder in Bowlus

When you want your valuable goods to arrive at their destination swiftly and affordably, the freight forwarders at D And D Logistics LLC are here to serve you. Bowlus individuals are businesses look to us whenever they’re in need—and the reasons why are obvious.

We promise route optimization, reduced shipping rates, and so much more. Think of us as travel agents for your valuable freight. We’ll map out your shipment’s entire journey from door to door.

Work with us when you want to boost efficiency. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our time-saving freight forwarding company by calling (320) 584-8216 at your convenience.

Reap the Benefits of Freight Forwarding

A freight’s journey from the point of departure to the destination is a long and winding one. The freight will pass through the hands of multiple trucking companies, carriers, and more. Carriers might transfer the freight from road to rail, or it might sit idle at a distant warehouse for hours on end.

Do you know the best mode of shipment for your cargo? Do you want to find a company that specializes in LTL shipments, but you aren’t sure which trucking company to turn to? We can help you. As some of the most reputable freight forwarders in the region, we go to great lengths to map out the most efficient and cost-effective route for your freight.

Selecting the Best Mode of Transport

Do you need a dry van for your freight? Could your freight be consolidated into another truck with other shipments? We know how to find the right modes of transportation for your valuables. We’ll make sure to partner you with the most reputable trucking companies in the region.

Negotiating Low Rates

We advocate for you and your hard-earned money every step of the way. We’ll leverage our good standing with notable carriers to secure the best shipping rates.

Handling all Shipping Documents

The greater the distance the shipment travels, the more paperwork there is. Let us prepare, review, and submit all the necessary documents for warehouses, trucking companies, and logistics teams. We will make sure every document is submitted in a timely, compliant, and fully legible fashion.

Freight Management and Customer Service

We handle freight with great care, but we are also renowned for our patented approach to customer service. We have tailored every aspect of our business with the customer in mind, ensuring you get the service you deserve. Look to us when you want:

  • In-depth consultations
  • Prompt follow-ups on inquiries
  • Integrated logistics services
  • Ramp-to-door transportation
  • Great rates on services
  • And more

Pairing first-rate shipping with incomparable customer service, we are here for you. 

Invest in Efficient Shipping Services Today

Everyone benefits from services like ours. From you and your business to those waiting at your shipment’s destination, everyone stands to benefit from efficient shipping practices that minimize costs, reduce liabilities, and save time. If you’re eager to tap into our client-centered and streamlined services, simply call us at (320) 584-8216. We cannot wait to serve you.